Standard Bib - MUSTARD

Standard Bib - MUSTARD

It’s the bib that really works! The bib that holds over 1/4 cup liquid and will keep your babies clean and dry.  If your baby likes to do it on their own at meal times and get real messy, you may want to try the bibs with sleeves that Mum2Mum make.


The original everyday Wonder Bib, Made from 100% cotton, super-absorbent towelling with a nylon water resistant backing. All Wonder Bib products are all machine washable, dryer safe, colourfast and stay looking good long after purchase. They also have an adjustable neckline with two domes to choose from. 


This is a new colour - part of the earth collection.  These are made in a variety of colours so let me know if theres one that your after that you cant find on this site.  Get in touch by emailing, facebook, instagram or by filing in the contact form on the home page.


Size: Birth – 3 years