So I’m a Mummy on a mission, taking a new journey in life.  I have a love and passion for pretty much everything baby related and am a mother of three.  I also have over 16 years experience in the Early Childhood field, teaching children under the age of two.  I am hoping that the life experience I have gained as a mother and knowledge as an Early Childhood professional will be beneficial to the growth of Baby Obsession. My love and passion for babies is one thing that had driven me to get this online baby shop started, along with wanting to spend more time with my children.  The thought of my maternity leave ending soon with baby number three (and last one) was pulling on the heart strings a little, so I needed another plan and started brainstorming and emailing around about a vision I had had for a while now.  Wow the response was so positive and empowering. That’s how Baby Obsession was born. I cant wait to keep sourcing amazing baby products for you all and over time grow into something truly amazing.
Thank you for visiting and supporting me on this journey.
Emz xx