Silicon Breastpump

Silicon Breastpump

A simple yet efficient little gadget to help collect your precious liquid gold. Made from soft, flexible silicone, this breast pump is all-in-one piece so there are no little parts to assemble- it just works on suction action.

Just put it up to your breast and give a little squeeze on the bottle to create a suction seal. This draws your nipple out gently and catches your milk let down. You can continue to manually pump by squeezing the bottle in and out. OR if you are breastfeeding your baby on one side - then put this on the other breast and it will catch your milk letdown after you create the first initial suction. The milk that would otherwise soak into a breast pad and be unusable.

Recommended for occasional expressing, light manual pumping, to relieve engorgement, or to catch feeding letdown while you feed baby from the other breast.

Catch your milk - you'll be surprised how much you can accumulate at each feed! This is the PERFECT little pump to use to catch all your precious Liquid Gold. **Tip** Pour your collected milk into our Breast Milk Storage Bags and freeze

-suitable for daily use

-includes cover to keep contents sterile

-easy to use

-fits any breast size

-no parts to assemble


-made from 100% food grade silicone

-bpa free

-90ml capacity


Breastmates have videos on youtube with a mum and baby using the pump: You can find it under -

How to Use Silicone Breast Pump and Flip Method of Attaching


Mother Applying Silicone Breast Pump and Feeling Suction (using flip method)

Clean after each use. This product can be sterilised with any steam sterilising system, boiling water, or top shelf dishwasher. No bleach based agents. 


Information taken from the Breastmates website!