Milk Sticks Freezer Trays

Milk Sticks Freezer Trays

Save all those precious drops of breast milk, these are the perfect size for when you are only expressing small quantities but want to build up a safe milk stash.     This reusable tray enables you to save and freeze small volumes.  Each cube freezes into 30mL, so you can just thaw and use the amount baby needs.

* also great for teething babies to have yummy frozen milk

Directions: After using a breast pump, pour your milk directly into the tray, just under the fill line.  Put the lid on while the tray is flat on a bench top.  Carefully place on a shelf in the freezer for approximately 5 hours.   Later, with clean hands, remove frozen sticks by pushing from underneath the silicone.  

Transfer the frozen milk sticks to bottle to defrost for feeding.   Or store in a food-grade zip lock bag and write the date for long term storage.

Cleaning: Wash in warm soapy water, and top shelf of dishwasher.

Do not store frozen milk in this tray long term - instead use a storage bag labelled with date.

TIP:  Never refreeze or reheat left over breast milk.   And don’t add freshly pumped breast milk to previously chilled or frozen milk.  

Made from Food grade silicone,  BPA free


Information taken from the Breastmates website