Liquid Gold Breastmilk Storage Bags (20pack)

Liquid Gold Breastmilk Storage Bags (20pack)

Expressing breast milk takes a lot of work, and that's why we created these convenient storage bags to keep every precious drop safe, and help you build up a freezer stash of Liquid Gold. 

* Thick double-sealed bags

* BPA-free

* Pre-sterilised for hygiene and convenience

* Ready to use

* 300mL capacity

* easy to write date

* 20 bags per pack


TIP:   Pour your freshly pumped milk into the bag, and expel out any air.   Lay it flat to freeze, so that you get an evenly spread thin frozen milk, which then takes up less space.  Later, when you need it, the flat frozen milk will take less than a minute to thaw and warm by running under the hot tap.  This is a different method than if you stored the bag upright where it freezes as a thicker chunk and takes ages to defrost.

Do not heat in microwave.


Informatin taken from the Breastmates website.